City Birds

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IMG_1224.JPG mama_with_bacall light_perch_4
103_0395 Image019.jpg young_bogy_has_landed
kids_and_stepdad IMG_1001.JPG 102_0278
bacall_on_serra_ac IMG_1069.JPG 104_0402
snow_birdies_banister IMG_0974.JPG IMG_0911.JPG
igor_across_the_way mama_bacall_on_pipe bogy_nodding_off
IMG_0949.JPG Image013.jpg pigeon_parrot
IMG_1144.JPG light_perch_1 104_0408

The following three QuickTime "Moovees" are montages of the photographs on this web page. Click on the one with the file size that's best for the speed of your internet connection.

The size of the image on the screen is large in proportion to the file size. The running time is 1'14".

Small 136k file size (160x120 pixels)
Medium 374k file size (320x240 pixels)
Large 1040k file size (640x480 pixels - for broadband or if you totally absolutely love pigeons!)

Photographs by and (c) 2003-4 Laurie Spiegel